About LLAWN.com

This is a site by me, Joe Miragliuolo, designed primarily as a portfolio and misc experiments site. The site name (LLAWN) doesn't necessarily mean anything... I just wanted a short URL and that's what I went with -- it struck me a kind of catchy.

I primarily try to program in Ruby since I find it quite enjoyable. That said, I've got familiarity with (and have done projects in): Javascript, Python, PHP, Java, C, and C++. And I love trying/learning/figuring out new languages, so I've tried far too many to list here. I like to use Rails and Sinatra for web development in Ruby, but I've done as much non-web work in Ruby itself as I have in its frameworks (in particular I've made a lot of command-line tools). I'm very familiar with HTML and CSS, since when I started working on web things, web frameworks did not really exist yet.

This site itself is currently a Sinatra app hosted on Heroku, though it has been many things hosted on many platforms over the years.